The story of Hatoyama brandname

Each burning ambition is delivered from an interesting story. Japanese Fresh Seafood Restaurant started their story with an ultimate ambition to bring Japanese elite special cuisine to Vietnamese people. The ambition is ignited from the boundless passion and the determination to realize his life dream of the talented chef Kyo. With an experience of over 20 years learning and exploring the most special Japanese food, Chef Kyo Nguyen has been working flat out in search of perfection to carry out the mission of bridging Japanese special cuisine and Vietnamese guests.

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The harmonious combination of traditional and modern Japanese food
through dishes prepared by talented chef Kyo Nguyen

Hatoyama brings the essence of Japanese cuisine to diners.

Fresh fish menu 24h "fly" from
Japan to Vietnam
Seafood menu of alive sea creatures
from Seafood World
Our Chef used to serve
the former Prime Minister of Japan
Bold space of
Japanese culture