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“Love.Fresh” is the slogan and pricicple for all activities of Hatoyama Japanese Seafood Restaurant – The most beautiful Japanese restaurant in Hanoi..

Love – love:
– Hatoyama Japanese Seafood Restaurant was born in the love of President Dinh Minh for Japanese cuisine since 2000s when he first experienced the unique dishes of the country of sunrise, and the love for Japanese cuisine by Chef Kyo Nguyen with 7300 days living there.
– We not only aim at attracting the trust of guests, but also arouse the love for Japanese and Hatoyama cuisine in every guest.
– In order to gain the love of guests for Hatoyama, every Hatoyama employee must be the one who love Hatoyama the most.
Fresh – Freshness, freshness:
– Freshness is committed due to the fact that seafood from Japan is transported to Vietnam within 24 hours, making the quality of the best Japanese restaurant in Hanoi..
– In addition to raw materials imported from the Hokkaido sea and Tsukiji Seafood Market – one of the largest fish markets in the world, the factors that make up the new and delicious food in Hatoyama also come from the source of alive seafood around 28 Vietnam coastal regions and world-class seafood at the World Seafood Restaurant.


Hatoyama is a small bridge connecting Vietnamese – Japanese culinary culture by serving Japanese favorite dishes and dishes made in Japanese style from high quality seafood of Vietnam.

about usabout us

Brand philosophy: Exquisite

you will clearly feel the subtlety of each dish at Hatoyama, from the selection of ingredients, how to prepare, to layout, services and bold Japanese culture space.

Brand Positioning:

To confirm the brand of one of the best Japanese restaurants in Hanoi, Hatoyama is confident with 3 main differences:
– Quality first grade fresh fish imported from Japan to Vietnam within 24 hours, making a unique “24H FRESH FISH MENU”, first appeared in Hanoi.
– Chefs are noted:
• Chef Kyo Nguyen was trained for many years in Japan
• Understanding the taste of Japanese and Vietnamese people
• Served as former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio
– Supplementing sources of seafood swimming top quality of the World Seafood such as: Nha Trang lobster, Oliver flounder, Kingcrab, Norwegian salmon, …

Hatoyama desires to be INSPIRER who bring to you the values: Appetizing – Delicate – Cultural.

about usabout us