The story of Hatoyama brandname

Each burning ambition is delivered from an interesting story. Japanese Fresh Seafood Restaurant started their story with an ultimate ambition to bring Japanese elite special cuisine to Vietnamese people. The ambition is ignited from the boundless passion and the determination to realize his life dream of the talented chef.

With an experience of over 20 years learning and exploring the most special Japanese food, Chef Kyo Nguyen has been working flat out in search of perfection to carry out the mission of bridging Japanese special cuisine and Vietnamese guests.


Chef Kyo Nguyen said: “In order to become a qualified Japanese chef, you have to spend 10 years of unceasing learning and seek for the perfection in every detail of dishes. Perfection is not only from cooking techniques but also from the chef’s heart, comprehension and suitability. Despite the fact that a talented Japanese chef can cook to perfection one dish for Japanese people, he or she may not do the same to Vietnamese people. Therefore, the perfection I am aiming at is delivered from three factors: the core value of Japanese food, the thorough understanding of Vietnamese people’s tastes and the promotion of diverse source of seafood in the S-shaped beloved Vietnam.”

It is his talent, passion and life mission that made Chef Kyo Nguyen conquer the heart of domestic hearts, expat Japanese and the former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio.

In his greeting card to Kyo Nguyen, Japanese ambassador in Unesco emotionally said: “ Food prepared by Kyo Nguyen can be compared to the Doreamon magical gate which brought me back to the familiar corner in my favourite restaurant of the aged chef in my homeland”.

There is not a so-called top cuisine of the world and there is no chef being able to cook dishes that match the taste of all people as well. The things that matter are the pursuit of passion, dedicated servinh and thorough understanding of guests. Such is Kyo Nguyen’s secret to create new special delicious food from his homeland alive sea creatures which make Hatoyama restaurant outstanding. At the same time, the birth of Hatoyama restaurant tighten the friendship between Vietnamese and Japanese peoples.