ssm bụng cá ngừ

Unique dishes in Hatoyama are prepared by Kyo Nguyen – the chef with over 20 years of experience further learning in Japan. Chef Kyo Nguyen used to work for former Japanese PM Hatoyama, Lao National Assembly Chairman, Japanese ambassador in UNESCO, etc…

The perfection in Kyo Nguyen’s dishes is originated from 3 factors: the core value of Japanese food, the thorough understanding of Vietnamese people’s tastes and the source of alive seafood transported to Vietnam via airway within 24 hours and especially, the promotion of domestic seafood from 28 coastal regions in the S-shaped terrain of Vietnam. It is what differentiates Japanese Fresh Seafood Restaurant from others.

Japanese people believe that Sashimi is the purest and “real” food. Sashimi is the integration of arts: sophistication in behavior, freshness in materials and talent of the artistic chef.

ssm bụng cá ngừBluefin tuna fillet Shasimi – the masterpiece in the most elite food in the country of cherry blossom with the talented process by chef Kyo Nguyen.

chef Kyo Nguyen


If Shasimo is the “Queen” of natural pure flavors, Sushi is identified itself an international masterpiece of delicacy and resounding success as a popular food like American hamburger or Italian pizza.


post-fb22Sushi dishes are also merticulously readjusted to make it match Vietnamese tastes.

post-fb11Crispy golden Tempura






With an over-200-dishes menu, our guest will experience all levels of emotion with all senses: as gentle as a shy cherry blossom, as powerful as the cutting of Samurai’s sword, as cool as spring wind from Fuji peak…