Bold space of Japanese culture


Located on Van Phuc street, the most central center in Hanoi, Japanese Hatoyama Seafood Restaurant (Japanese Fresh Seafood Restaurant) is a new meeting place for Vietnamese customers to “fall in love” with the delicate cuisine of the country of sunrise or expat Japanese who want to ease the homesickness. With 10 luxurious VIP rooms and 2 shared lounges, coming to Hatoyama, you will experience a sophisticated Japanese atmosphere with images of charming geisha, delicate cherry blossoms rising in the wind, or pictures of majestic Mount Fuji but still poetic, … Hatoyama is proud to be one of the most beautiful Japanese restaurants in Hanoi.

TANG 1 ANH (4)
Simple but sophisticated design, elegance in every small detail

TANG 2 (3)Wood material conveys the simplicity and simplicity of Japanese spirit

TANG 2 (2)The light system is gentle to make you feel cozy, luxurious and relaxed.

TANG 2 (5)The combination of classic and modern beauty creates an exquisite atmosphere of one of the most beautiful Japanese restaurants in Hanoi.

TANG 2 (6)Japanese culture seeks equal contrasts in all aspects of life. Hatoyama’s interior is finished with high contrast and a perfect balance

TANG 2 (1)It is the contrast when the circular chandeliers stand out between the horizontal lines along the corners of the room.

TANG 2 (4)In an era of so much information and pressure, a delicate and generous space will make you find peace and leisure in your soul.