Migroup opens Japanese restaurant in Hanoi

Migroup opens Japanese restaurant in Hanoi

Hatoyama to feature seafood caught in the Sea of Japan and brought to Vietnam within 24 hours.

The Migroup Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company (Migroup) has officially opened a Japanese fresh seafood restaurant called Hatoyama in Hanoi.

Dr. Dinh Minh, Chairman of Migroup, said he has long been interested in Japanese culture, especially Japanese food, so he and his associates decided to open Hatoyama.

He emphasized that the restaurant is a cultural bridge between Vietnam and Japan in Hanoi and that it will bring different specialties to lovers of Japanese food.

Hatoyama is the first Japanese seafood restaurant in Hanoi to serve customers a fresh fish menu imported directly from the Sea of Japan and transported to Vietnam by aircraft within 24 hours of being caught.

The freshness and uniqueness of seasonal specialties sees Hatoyama stand out from other Japanese seafood restaurants in the capital.

Along with seafood from Japan, Hatoyama also serves fresh seafood from Vietnam and elsewhere in the world, such as Nha Trang lobster and King crab.

While the ingredients are so important for a restaurant, the role of the chef is also key. Hatoyama therefore engaged Chef Kyo, who served former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio.

“To be a chef that meets Japanese standards, chefs often spend more than ten years learning and discovering every detail,” Chef Kyo said. “A talented chef creates a perfect dish from three elements: the essence of Japanese cuisine, a deep understanding of the tastes of Vietnamese, and the promotion of Vietnamese marine resources.”

Dr. Minh also told VET he plans to expand in the future.

Located on No.8, Van Phuc Street with the Japanese space, Hatoyama has ten VIP rooms and two common rooms, to serve customers.

The grand opening was attended by Dr. Minh and his wife, Major General of Police Nguyen Huu Danh and his wife, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Long, Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs, and representatives from Japanese and Vietnamese companies.

Migroup was established in 2013 by Dr. Minh and his associates and has built two brands honoring Vietnamese cuisine: Seafood World Supermarket and Song Duong Goat Specialty Restaurant.

Seafood World is the first seafood supermarket in Vietnam, with commitments that “Everything that swims we have” and “Everything that swims we cook”. After four years of development, Seafood World now has five outlets in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

With this latest venture, according to Dr. Minh, comes opportunities for chefs from Japan and Vietnam to exchange cuisine, learn from each other, and use the “5S” management capabilities, known as the Kaizen system.

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